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10 Tips for Game Improvement
For golfers scoring 100+ strokes
To lower the score by 10+ stokes

These players have learned the fundamental of the golf swing technique and played a couple of golf games. Their body is at the stage of adapting the golf swing movement patterns. They hit equally number of good and bad shots. These golfers should practice regularly to achieve the correct body movements to be accustomed to golf swing for the short irons and long woods.

At the Practice Range
1. What you need to do during your to practice sessions?

a)  Have an organised practice session.
b)  Improve golf swing proficiency and ball striking ability for the mid, short irons,
     fairway woods.
c)  Ensure correct ball position at address for all clubs.
d)  Spent 50 percent of the practice time on the short games.
e)  Practice three times a week when possible. The more you practice the faster
     you achieve your golf swing proficiency.
f)  Practice your precision putting skills for 1, 2, 3, and 4 meters distance to the hole.

2. What you need do for your swing performances?

a)  Maintain good set-up posture for all golf swing technique performances.
b)  Ensure active arms and hands action during the golf swing performance.
c)  Ensure your correct clubface's position at impact with the golf ball. Make this the top priority for all swing
     executions to airborne the golf balls.
d)  Swing within your athletic ability for all shot performances.
e)  Know your average hitting distance and shot performances for all your clubs.

Playing on the Golf Course
3. Your preparation for a game

a)  Have a game plan.
b)  Arrive early and has a good body stretching warm-up.
c)  Hit about 100 golf balls at the practice range before the game where possible to
     get your physical swing readiness.
d)  Do chipping and putting practices to get the feel of the day for the short games when
e)  Aim for a bogey game.
f)  Do not have an intensive practice session of hitting more than 300 golf balls at range
    the day before the game

4. Your tee-shots

a)  Read the layout of each hole to land the golf ball away from the hazards.
b)  Ensure correct body and clubface alignment for all tee-shots.
c)  Draw straight line on the golf ball to assist the tee-shot alignment.
d)  Your primary priority is to get the golf ball airborne onto the fairway, distance is secondary.

5. Your fairway shots to greens

a)  Maintain good golf ball impact on all shots till you reach the green.
b)  Swing with your physical and athletic ability.
c)  Get out the fairway sand bunker in one attempt.
d)  Hit the golf ball to the center of the green regardless where the flag stick position
     to allow for shot performance error

6. When your golf ball is outside the Greens

a)  Get the golf ball on the green with one chip or pitch shot performance.
b)  Get the golf ball out of the sandbunker in one attempt regardless where it landed.

7. Your putting

a)  Draw straight line on the golf ball to assist your direction alignment.
b)  Get the golf ball nearer to hole is your priority.
c)  Long putt focus on the feel for distance control over accuracy.
d)  Short putt focus on the distance control and accuracy.

8. Your mental game

a)  Before any shot execution, stand behind your golf ball and visualise your
     shot performance.
b)  For body and clubface alignment of a golf shot, picks an intermediate target just in
     front of the golf ball.
c)  Ensure that you do a regular pre-routine swing to enhance your mental with physical
     readiness for the golf swing performance.
d)  Exercise simple golf swing thoughts with simple swing movement.
e)   Enjoy your game seriously for fun.

9. Your equipment

a)  Mark the golf ball for your identification.
b)  Dress up, look smart and feel good for your game. Use clean golf glove.
c)  Avoid playing with clubs in your bag that you have not successfully produced good shot performances at the
     practice range.
d)  Avoid playing with clubs that are too heavy that might tire you easy.
e)  Have a Rules of Golf Book in your bag.

10. What is good for you to do?

a)  After your game, take notes on what you need to practice on your improvement.
b)  Watch more golf tournaments on TV to see how Professionals prepare for their shots
     execution and play the game.
c)  Try to play with good golfers more often to learn course playing management. Learn
     the Dos and Don’ts on the course.
d)  Find something to do for your game improvement aspiration (e.g. do more stretching
     exercises to attain body flexibility for your golf swing enhancement).


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