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Junior Golfer Monthly Game

Junior Golfer Programme 4
"Student learns to play and play to learn for fun"


Junior Golfer Programme 4 - A 3 hours 9-hole golf game playing lessons
Junior golfer exhibiting the learned golf swing technique for game performance 
Our mission is to allow junior golfer having fun playing the game: exhibit their learned golf knowledge
and skill; see their immediate improvement; and most importantly showing the sportsmanship.
Programme overview The lesson contents Lesson time availability Term and Condition Fee and Payment
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The Training Programme
This is a monthly 2-hour golf game programme. Junior golfer will immerse in a fun, enjoyable and challenging greenery golf course environment. They are required to exhibit their improved golf swing technique acquired during lessons for actual golf game playing conditions. The game playing will ensure and enforce each junior golfer to follow game safety rules and exhibit sportsmanship. This includes: respect for other players, instil fair play, play by the rules of the game and exhibit high integrity at all time during game participation.

Junior golfer is required to have a game plan and management for game improvement. Golf coach will emphasize on the correct pre-shot routine and mental skills on each junior golfer. The mental skills are: visualization; judgment; goal setting; decision making; right golf club selection; and confidence for all golf shots performance outcome. Junior golfer is required to apply golf game fundament psychology of: composure; relaxation; motion controls; board and narrow external concentration; and confidence at all time during the game participation. The game will elicit each junior golfer’s performance from their experiential learning, their strengths and weaknesses surfaced. The junior golfer will play under supervision, guidance, motivation, performance feedback and tutelage of the golf coach.

The benefit of the programme is a fun, enjoyable and a challenging game coupled with gaining the playing tacit knowledge and experiences. We will also be identifying junior golfer’s talent to take up regular advance golf programme for national junior school tournaments.

Our principles of teaching
1. To provide a provide fun and safe learning environment.
2. To provide positive pastoral care, responsibility and motivation.
3. To provide constant guidance, supervision, feedback and learning opportunities.
4. To focus on positive character development, learning effort, skill performance excellence and enjoyment.
5. To assist student's self-actualisation of the golf technique - sense of accomplishment.
6. To feedback to parent on their junior golfer's performance.
The Learning Outcome
The junior golfer learning outcome of the game playing is able to conduct self-assessment and evaluation of their performances for active learning.
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The Junior golf game playing lessons
Incorporating NLP™, Golf Psychology and Golf Sport Science principles

The golf game playing lessons will teach junior golfer on:

1.   How to organize themselves to prepare for the golf game?
2.   The safety on the golf course - a must know for all Students!
3.   How to start the game from the teeing ground?
4.   Learning the importance of the pre-routine swing procedures - why is it important to know?
5.   The correctly body alignment for the all golf shot performances.
6.   Learning how the golf game is played?
7.   The essential etiquettes and rules of golf.
8.   Learning the correct procedure to hit the golf shot to the target.
9.   How to count the score in stroke play?
10. The dos and don’ts on the golf course.
11. The situations that they must stop playing on the golf course.
12. The goal setting of the game performance for active learning.

Asian Golf Centre Junior Golf Game Playing Lesson
The learning outcome: Student enjoys the fun of the game and learn the strength and weakness of their performance

The learning outcomes are:

1.   To have fun and enjoyment in the greenery golf course environment.
2.   Exhibiting their golf swing performance skills proficiently on the golf course.
3.   Learning the orderly manner and behaviors on the golf course.
4.   Instilling goal setting, discipline, honesty, attentiveness and concentration.
5.   Respecting and help other junior golfers.
6.   Instilling positive sportsmanship and value of the golf game.
7.   Conducting their self-assessment on the game performances for active learning.
8.   Identifying their strength and weakness of their golf technique' performances for active learning.
9.   Identifying their areas for improvement for their regular golf lessons.
10. Achieving their self-efficacy of an improved golfer.
11. A value-laden feedback by the coach for each junior golfer on their game performance.
12. A corrective feedback by the coach for each junior golfer on their game performance.

Asian Golf Centre Junior Golf Game Playing Lesson
The learning outcome: Student enjoys the fun of the game and learn the strength and weakness of their performance

Junior golfer is requires to play regularly to improve their: goal setting for each hole performance; visual perception of distance judgment; self-efficacy of golf swing technique performance; and exhibiting positive sportsmanship. The junior golfer will be trained till they understand and able to play the game confidently with fulfillment under minimum supervision.

Student enjoying their challenging game performances

Asian Golf Centre Junior Golf Game Playing Lesson
The learning outcome: Student enjoys the fun of the game and learn the strength and weakness of their performance

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Terms and Conditions
Programme, Coaching, Frequency, Student per game, Duration of game and Venue


Junior Golf Programme 4. A 3 hours practice range and 9 holes golf game playing lesson on the golf course..
Student group teaching and coaching.
Once or twice games one month.
Student per game:
Four (4) students per flight.
Duration of game:

A three (3) hours session at the practice range and golf course. Lesson Time is 1 pm to 4 pm.

Beginning with a one (1) hour game preparation lesson at practice range to warm up, attain the golf swing physical and mental confidence for golf game.

Follow by a two (2) hours 9-holes (par 29) game on the golf course. Student will play under our Teaching Professional guidance, supervision, motivation and feedback. The Teaching Professional will assist the student throughout the golf game playing lessons, inclusive of golf course management and safety.

Executive Golf Course and Diving Range.
Address: Track 7, Mandai Road, Upper Seletar Reservoir, Singapore 779384.

Equipment and Practice range golf ball

Equipment for game:

Student is required to use their golf equipment and wear proper golf attire for the golf game.
Practice range golf ball:

Student is required to purchase 80 practice range golf balls for their golf swing technique practices.
The purchase is by Cash Card from the ball dispenser machine.

The Requirements by Asian Golf Centre, Golf Course Facility Operator, Singapore Sports Council and MOE


Parent of student is required to fill in a Student Information Form for our records of their particulars, previous sport history,
medical conditions and any important information that parent think is essential for the Teaching Professional to know.
Role of Parents: Parent is required to sign the Guldeline by Singapore Ministry of Education and Singapore Sports Council.
Letter of Indemnity: Parent is required to sign the Letter of Indemnity for the Junior regular golf lesson.

Outfit for lesson:

Student is required to come in golf attire. Golf shoe, collar T-shirt, golf cart and proper short or pant.

Sport Environment safety requirement by Singapore Sports Council and Ministry of Education (MOE)

Environment safety:

We provide and ensure a safe environment during the lesson.
Inclement weather:
Lesson time availability
In the event of inclement weather the lesson will be conducted at the sheltered practice range.

Golf Game Time Availability

Advance booking:
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Student is required to book the game time slot two (2) weeks in advance.

Programme Fee (Game Fee)

Game fee for group
game lesson:

$120.00 per student for a group of four (4) students.
The Course Playing Lessons Fee DO NOT include course green fee.
Executive Golf Course Student course current green fee is $40.00 (weekday) and $50.00 (weekend) per student.
Game fee for individual lesson
(one-to-one Coaching):

$300.00 per student.
The Course Playing Lessons Fee DO NOT include course green fee.
Executive Golf Course student course current green fee is $40.00 (weekday) and $50.00 (weekend) per student.

Fee and Payment


In Singapore dollars nett. No Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Advance full month programme fee payment by PAYNOW, Cash, Internet Banking Transfer or Cheque only.
Golf Course Playing Lessons Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in any event that the student is unable to
complete the game or attend.

Asian Golf Centre will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any personal injury, disability or loss of life in connection during the golf lesson/activity/events. This includes all costs, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.
Change of Terms and conditions
Asian Golf Centre reserved the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Give your children an opportunity to play the golf game: experience the fun, thrill and feel
on the golf course; and gain the tacit knowledge of the game requirement.

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