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Corporate Golf Programme

Corporate Golf Programme - 2 days Seminars and Lessons
For Beginner and Intermediate golfers

Golf Swing Technique Learning & Enhancement Programme

Our mission is to enable all the staff and/or the invited distinguished guests
 to have a great outing on the golf course:

1. The non-golfers will learn all the golf swing technique they need to
           know to hit the balls proficiently and play a 9-hole game by the end of
the programme.

        2. The golfers will be building greatness on their current swing technique
and play the game.

The 2 days Corporate Golf Seminars and lessons

This programme is specially designed for the following purposes:
1. Engage the staffs to take up golf as part of the in-house recreation sport programme.
2. Intensify the use of golf as a business tool for networking.
3. Improve their golf proficiency to play competitively with their clients.
4. As a rewarding program for their valued customers and business associates.
5. In conjunction of company function such launching a new product or services.

The Benefits and Advantages are:
Every corporate golf seminar and lesson programme is specially designed to meet the company’s event objectives.

The company does not need to engage an event organizer to prepare separately the itineraries for the golfers and non-golfer. In most cases the non-golfers from overseas will be scheduled for excursion.

All the staff and guests will be at the golf course area so that they can spend more time meeting other business associates for future networking.

All participants will be attended by our golf professionals all the time in all area of golf learning, enhancement and improving lessons. They will also be entertained by our selected professionals to perform trick shots.

The golfers with playing experience will be grouped together to learn more in-depth on the swing technique, enhancing their short game plays and specialty shot making to see an immediate improvement in the shot making performances. The objective is to gear them to be a more competent golfer.

The non-golfers will learn the golf swing technique in the range, chipping and putting and Rules of golf. On completion of the lessons, the non-golfers will have for the very first time play on the course, assisted and attended by our professionals. An experience that is very hard to come by.

There will be classroom lecturing on the golf subjects depending on the playing level of the participants on:

1. How to select the right iron clubs? What golfers need to know?
2. How to select and buy a driver to get your optimum tee-shot? Why is it important?
3. Understanding the ball flight law can help golfers to draw or fade the shot performance.
4. How to lower a current player’s score? What golfer should intensify?
5. Etiquette and Rules of golf.
6. Mental skills for golf.

An additional side benefit of such an exclusive event is the bonding of the participants, and the intra-organization networking.

The staff and guests will be given the patience, passion, technique and comprehension not only to see their real physical potential but fulfilling the perseverance and courage to be a proficient and complete golfer.

Our requirement is the staff and guests arrive in golf attire ready to work seriously for recreational fun and enjoyment.

Terms and Conditions


Corporate Golf Programme - 2 days Corporate Golf Seminars and lessons
Group Coaching.
Two (2) weekdays (from 8.30am to 5.30pm).
Selected golf course in Johor, Malaysia with practice range and facilities.
No. of participants:
We need a minimum of 10 participants to start this programme.
We need 4 weeks advance confirmation for the booking of the golf course facilities.
Programme Fee:

Fee depends on the number of participants and the selected golf course green fees.

Price for Green fees, buggies and meals will be quoted separately.

Players are required to use their own golf clubs during clinic lessons.
Golf clubs for hire are available for starters/beginners.
Payment :

Advance 2 weeks prior to the event's date for the booking of golf coach, practice range and course facilities.

The Requirements by Asian Golf Centre, Golf Course Facility Operator and Singapore Sport Council

Letter of Indemnity:

Participant is required to sign the Letter of Indemnity before the start of golf lesson.
Participant is required come in golf attire. Proper sport shoe is allowed, collar-shirt and proper short or pant.
Asian Golf Centre will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any personal injury, disability or loss of life in connection during the golf lesson/activity/events. This includes all costs, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.
Change of Terms and conditions
Asian Golf Centre reserved the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Learn how to play golf before you need it - a corporate executive necessity
Start with the right foundation for your golf swing technique and game performance

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