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Golf lessons are conduct at Executive Golf Course & Driving Range.
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Our Certifications

United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)
Leader In The Field of Golf Instruction
Philip Ang is conferred by World Golf Teachers Federation (WGTF) in year 2010 as top 100 teachers among their 25,000 certified golf teachers worldwide. The WGTF is owned by USGTF.


Philip Ang of Asian Golf Centre was awarded with a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers at professional level by Cambridge University International Examinations. He has achieved the international teaching standard specialising on golf teaching. This includes: pedagogy and andragogy of human learning characteristics and theories; behavourism, cognitivism, constructivism and humanism; learner learning styles and modalities; learners' learning intelligences and experiences; facilitating active learning methodology for golf skills acquisition; teaching by differential methods to matching learner's needs; providing opportunities and reinforcing with support for individual learner's needs; differential method of formative and summative assessments. Philip Ang was awarded distinction for the Design and Evaluation modules on golf learning, teaching, training, assessment and improvement.


Singapore Sport Council - National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP)
Singapore An Ideal High Performance Training Centre
Philip Ang of Asian Golf Centre acquired Singapore National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Theory Level 1, 2, and 3 on Advance Sport Coaching and Sport Science knowledge through training courses and examinations by the following Lecturers, Gurus and Sport Scientists:

Associate Professor Dr Fabian Lim, PhD Head Military Physiology Lab, MSc (PE) MBA.
Associate Professor Dr John Tan, PhD Physical Education and Sport Science NIE-NTU.
Associate Professor Dr Patricia Wong, PhD Physical Education and Sport Science, NIE-NTU.
Associate Professor Dr Steven Tan, PhD Physical Education and Sport Science NIE-NTU.
Associate Professor Dr C Kunalan, PhD Physical Education and Sport Science NIE-NTU.
Dr Micheal Koh, PhD Physical Education and Sport Science NIE-NTU.
Dr Ian Harris Sujae, PhD Sport Biomechanics Human Movement, Technique & Performance.
Mr Timothy Mak MS, ATC.
Mr Edgar Tham, Psychologist (S'pore) MSPS, Sport Counselor (USA), BMNSP.
Mr Koh Koon Teck, M.Ed (Pedagogy in Sport Coaching).
Mr Gobinathan Nair, BSc(Hons), MSc, Human Nutrition.


Ministry of Manpower - Singapore
Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Workforce 
Skills Qualification (WSQ) Certified ACTA Trainer and Assessor
Philip Ang of Asian Golf Centre is a certified WSQ ACTA Trainer and Assessor by WDA for: Facilitated Training Programme; Prepare and Facilitate OJT Training Programme. He has achieved WDA required knowledge, skill and attitude through passing the WDA eight (8) modules of competency-based formal assessments. This includes the profound knowledge of: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum; principles of adult learning; instructional design principles; instructional methods, phases and strategies; contextualisation to meet learner needs; design of active learning activities; develop and conduct competency-based assessment methods; evaluation of curriculum. WDA is a skill workforce qualification agency of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. WSQ ACTA trainer's qualification is a mandatory  requirement to conduct the WSQ approved curriculum. Philip was awarded golden pin for the completing the full training programme.

His WDA training consultants are: Ms Pearly Sim, Mr Nathan, Mr Casey Ho, Ms Joanna Ko,
Mr Christopter Yip, Mr Ramesh, Mr Mani, Mr Bonnie, Mr Richard Choo, Ms Ng Seok Cheng and Mr Stephen.


The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) -  U.S.A.
Empowering technique to help people achieving success
NLP is a empowering technique to help people achieving success in peak performance. Philip Ang is the only golf coach in Singapore incorporating NLP techniques couples with golf psychology and sport science for accelerated golf learning and game improvement lessons


Singapore Red Cross Society Standard First Aid (SFA)
approved by Singapore Sport Council


Golfsmith International Inc. U.S.A.
With over 40 Years of golf components design and golf clubmaking experience
Philip Ang is a certified: Professional; Advance and Accredited Clubmaker by Golfsmith International Inc., USA. His acquired knowledge and skills assist him to competently share with golfers the importance of playing with right golf equipment. The selection of correct equipment should comply to a golfer's ergonomics principles, swing characteristics and athletic ability.


Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) U.S.A
World Largest Golf Clubmaker Association
Philip Ang was conferred Winner International Clubmaker of the Year 1999/2000 by Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) - USA. GCA has 30,000 members worldwide.


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