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Corporate Golf Appreciation Workshop

Corporate Golf Appreciation Workshop - 1.5 hours session at your office
For Novice and potential golfers
The objective of the workshop is to learn: the game of golf; why play golf?; the fun; the popularity;
the benefits; the cost; and the requirement.

The Golf Appreciation Workshop

This workshop is specially for company’s staff and group who want to know more about the game of golf. The presenter to share his participant; golf experiences and aspiration.


Introduction - The Game of Golf

1. The game of golf.
2. The golf course where the game is played.
3. The Rules and Etiquettes of Golf .
4. The golf equipment.
5. The golf swing skills.
6. Sport Safety. Safety in Golf. Why you must know?

1) The Fun of the Golf Game:

1. The scenic view of golf courses.
2. The freshness and healthy air.
3. The companionship.
4. As a family sport.
5. The challenge of the game.
6. A way to de-stress.

Scenic View of Golf Course
Family Sport Activity
The Challenge of the Game

2) The Popularity of the golf Game:

1. More golf courses in our neighbor countries.
2. More public practice ranges available.
3. Affordable green fee.
4. Low cost term membership.
5. Night golfing.

More Golf Courses
Affordable Green Fee
Night Golfing

3) The Benefits from the Golf Game:

1. Learn what the game can teach you.
2. Know what the game can help you.
3. Learn how to acquire social graces.
4. Appreciating the virtues of patience and tolerance.
5. Assessing personality traits for friendship and business evaluation.

The Golf Game Management
Networking Tool
New Friendships

4) The Requirements for the golf Game:

1. Sport safety and safety in golf swing practices and game.
2. The Golf swing technique - What you Must, Should and Good to Know?
3. The Golf equipment.
4. The correct golf attire.
5. The basic Rules and Etiquette of Golf.

The Golf Swing Proficiency
Golf Equipment
The Rules on Golf

5) The Golf Lessons require to be a Proficient Golfer:

1. You learn what are the golf swing technique required to play on the golf course.
2. You learn the importance of the long and short golf game techniques.
3. You learn the number golf lessons required to achieve the golf swing technique.
4. You learn the frequency of practices and plays required to enjoy the golf game.
5. You learn the importance of having a certified and experienced golf coach to start your golf aspiration.
6. You learn about the different coaching skills and competency possess by golf coaches.
7. You learn the importance different coaching philosophy.
8. You learn the advantages of individual (one-to-one) and group students class lessons.

6) Our Golf Swing & Golf Course Learning and Training Programme Offered:

1. A 6-lesson Beginner Golfer Swing Technique Learning and Training Programme.
2. A 6-lesson Beginner Golfer Short Games Swing Technique Learning and Training Programme.
3. A 10-lessons Beginner Golfer Proficiency Swing Technique Learning and Training Programme.
4. A 2-hour Beginner Golf Course Playing Lessons at Executive Golf Course (Par-29).

7) Open for Questions and Answers:

1. The golf lesson fee to start the game.
2. The duration required to achieve the golf swing technique for playing on the golf course.
3. What is the Golf Proficiency Certificate (PC) and USGA Handicap Index Card?
4. How often does a golfer needs to practice and play to be a recreational, social and competitive golfer.

Terms and Conditions
Programme, Coaching, Duration of lesson, Programme duration and Venue

Presenter :

Philip Ang
Asian Golf Centre
Certified & Licensed USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional - USA
Certified Professional Teacher and Trainer - University of Cambridge, UK
Singapore Sport Council - NCAP Level 1, 2 & 3
Singapore WDA-WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer & Assessor
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™) Practitioner - USA
Certified Professional Clubmaker by GCA (USA)
GCA Winner International Clubmaker of the Year - USA

1.5 hours.

At Client’s office.
We need a meeting room and LCD projector.
A minimum of 20 participants.
$600.00. No GST. Advance Cheque or Cash Payment.
To be agreed and confirmed
To be agreed and confirmed


Learn how to play golf before you need it - a corporate executive necessity
Start with the right foundation for your golf swing technique and game performance

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