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Adult Golfer's Window - The Warm-up for Golf Swing Performance

The Warm-up for Golf Swing Performance

I have seen many golfers going to the driving range, collect their buckets of balls and start the full swing from the first ball to the last one, with no real objectives for the practice. Their purpose may be an outing at the range just to get some sort of exercises.

The first step in any worthwhile practice techniques which applies to golf just as in any sports is a good stretching routine. Do this prior to hitting the first ball on the range as well as before game. This will help loosen your small and big muscles and prepare them for your swing movements and your practice.

The best way to warm up for your swing after loosening your stiff muscles by stretching exercises is take two mid irons and beginning slowly, swing the clubs back and forth. Swinging the two clubs together will make you feel a much heavier clubhead weight pulling your arms and assisting the shoulders to rotate a correct swing motion. Gradually allow the clubs to pick up the swinging momentum from the Arm-Swing to Full-Arm-Swing, until you are making a Full Swing with half body power. Start from the address position and swing the two clubs this way for at least a dozen times. Thereafter use one club, set up your address position and swing the club without a ball. You are now doing practice swings, so ensure that the clubhead is brushing the mat or grass on the practice range. Do this for about fives times.

In less than fifteen minutes, you can tone the necessary golf muscles, release the physical tension and get yourself physical and mentally ready to swing and hit balls efficiently.

Philip Ang
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Certified & Licensed USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional - USA
Certified Professional Teacher and Trainer - University of Cambridge, UK
Singapore Sport Council - NCAP Level 1, 2 & 3
Singapore WDA-WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer & Assessor
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™) Practitioner - USA
Certified Professional Clubmaker by GCA (USA)
GCA Winner International Clubmaker of the Year - USA

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