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The Role of Parents and Coaches for Junior Golf lesson

Parents must agreed to guideline for the Junior golf lessons

Asian Golf Centre golf coaches are registered with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and
Singapore Sports Council for Sport Education Programme (SEP).
We are abiding to the Guideline.

The Role of Parents
Parents support and contribution to their junior golfer participation is vital. Parents should support their junior golfer by:

1.  Filling in truthfully on required Information Form in detail.

2.  Providing appropriate nutrition and encouraging healthy practices. No food is allowed during lesson.

3.  Providing correct golf attire: collar T-shirt; golf shoe, proper short and pant with pockets; sport skirt for girl.
     Ask the coach what is needed.

4.  Providing proper equipment by asking the coach what is needed.

5. Abiding by the code of conduct requires for the 1-hour golf lesson and activities.

6.  Informing the coaches on any abnormal health condition.

7.  Dropping off and picking up on time and notifying the coach who will pick up your child.

8.  Working with their child and their coaches and to monitor intensity appropriately to avoid overtraining.

9.  Understanding it a privilege by the coach to give extra lesson time for practice.

10. Understanding the changing of lesson’s time subject to availability.

11. Understanding the child should complete the number of required lessons within the month.

12. Understanding to arrange promptly the make-up lesson for any missed group lesson.

13. Understanding the lesson fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in any event that your child could not
      complete the agreed lessons of the month.

14. Giving sufficient notice time for any temporary stoppage of regular lessons.

15. Taking up Accident Insurance Policy for junior golfer.

The Role of Golf Coaches
Qualified golf coaches and trained teachers are vital to safe participation in junior golf. Our golf coaches are registered with Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Sports Council for Sport Education Programme (SEP). We will:

1.  Focus on character development, learning efforts, skill excellence and enjoyment.

2.  Ensure an environment that encourages safe, fair play and playing within the rules.

3.  Check playing areas and facilities to ensure they are suitable for use.

4.  Take the environment conditions into account and modify activities.

5.  Provide adequate instruction and supervision, consider individual needs and adapt/modify activities if required.

6.  Ensure that key medical information about the children is collected and taken into account before participation.

7.  Conduct a warm-up before activity.

8.  Consider children growth rates and maturity when planning activities.

9.  Include activities that are appropriate for the students’ physical and skill levels.

10. Progress activities at a rate suitable for all students.

11. Set and enforce rules for activities.

12. Instill sportsmanship and value of the game.

13. Be aware of child protection responsibilities.

14. Feedback to parent.

Your acknowledgement

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Give your children an opportunity to play the golf game: experience the fun, thrill and feel
on the golf course; and gain the tacit knowledge of the game requirement.

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