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Adult Golfer's Window - The Golf Hitting and Swinging Style Performances

The Golf Hitting and Swinging Style Performances

Golfers with a swinging style manipulate the rotation of their bodies in a way that the club is swung to the top on the backswing and pulled downward to the impact with the ball with maximum clubhead acceleration to the hit the ball, finishing the swing action with high arms. The physical power a golfer generates comes not strictly from the strength of their hands and arms, but the big muscles group from the rotary motion of the body. The swinging style is very essential for all Full-Swing technique to achieve maximum clubhead speed on impact with the ball for optimum trajectory for ultimate ball carry distance.

Golfers using the hitting style will actively thrust the club with their hands and arms to hit the ball. Their body moves more laterally back and through, and are less rotational. The stronger the golfer, the more thrust is applied by the arms and shoulders to the club to hit the ball. In fact the hitting style benefits golfers with big body who are not very athletic to rotate the body easily.

On the contrary many golfers are not aware that they need to employ both the swinging and hitting styles to propel the ball during the game to attain the desired shot performances. The swinging style is to achieve maximum carry distance potential by any selected club a golfer uses while the hitting style is for accurate shots approaching the green. On all uneven and abnormal ball lie conditions when the golfer cannot address the ball on a normal posture stance and the posture’s balance are very much affected during the swing action, the hitting style technique is more preferred to achieve the best shot performances.

The good golfers will relate that the scoring part of the game which is the pitching; sandbunker; chipping; and putting swing technique performances are perfrom by either swinging or hitting style with different intensity. The good key point is that golfers should not use a stereo swing methodology throughout the game.

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