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The benefits of Sport Science knowledge for golf learning, development and improvement

What is Sport Science?
Sport Science is a discipline that studies the application of scientific principles, technique and technologies with the aim of facilitating sport skills acquisition and improving performance. All sport skills development are achieve through progressing stages namely perceiving, patterning, adapting, refining, varying, improvising and composing. All golfers need to learn, acquire golf swing technique. The golf swing technique is the special golf swing skill set possess by a golfer with the ability to swing different golf club consistently, hitting golf ball to various distance, target proficiently. Golf swing technique is an extreme physical endeavour. The learning and mastering of golf swing is a teamwork of the student and the coach. A role of golf coach is to impart sport science knowledge to enhance a golfer attitude and aptitude of the golf swing technique acquisition positively.

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Golf Motor Skill Learning

Sport Science encompasses a number of different disciplines including sport environment, equipment, training, physiology, motor skills learning, biomechanics, psychology, medicine, nutrition and sportsmanship. All of the sport sciences plays a large part in the development of an elite player. The following are brief description of each of the sport sciences for golf:

1.  Sport environment - the conducive environment factors for the facilitation of skill acquisition and safety of the
     golfers. This includes the duration and frequency of training, number of participants in a class and correct
     instructional procedures (audio and visual) to meet the achievement of the lesson and training goal.

2.  Sport equipment - the knowledge, design and application of different golf clubs and golf balls. It includes training
     aids, clothes, shoes and accessories used. The golfer equipment used in competition must comply to rules of golf.

3.  Sport training - the study of training methodology for golfer's performance that deals with physical and
     psychological performance actors in sport namely flexibility, endurance, strength, power, speed, goal
     setting, motivation, confidence, composure, visualization, self-talk and relaxation.

4.  Sport physiology - deals with how the body system functions when patterning and adapting human movement for
     a golf swing technique. This includes physical exercise, static and dynamic drills.

5.  Motor skills learning - the training of the human body responsible for complex sequences of physical movements
     to achieve predetermine objective with consistency and repeatability. The golf swing technique requires fine
     and gross motor skills which utilizes the small and large muscle groups to work in perfect co-ordination.

6.  Sport biomechanics - applying laws of mechanics and physics to human performance in order to gain a greater
     understanding in golf swing technique performance through modeling, simulation, and measurement. It also deals
     with analysis of human movements and forces including the analysis of proper and improper golf swing technique
     to produce a particular ball flight outcome.

7.  Sport psychology - the scientific study of golfer's mental process and their behavior in golf learning, improvement
     and performance enhancement. It deals with all attentional and emotional controls.

8.  Sport medicine - is a subspecialty of medicine that deals with the preventive care of injuries, accelerated treatment
     and rehabilitation of golfers both amateur and professional.

9.  Sport nutrition - the study of intake of food substances required before, during and after physical training to
     maintain a healthy athlete. The six major nutrition are carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral, vitamin and water.

10. Sportsmanship - is regarded as a component of morality in sport. Golfers must exercise sport social convention,
     respect your opponents and all game officials, instill fair play, play by the rules of the game and exercise high
     integrity at all time during game participation.

11. Periodization - a planning framework which includes microcycles and marcocycles for the development of all
     technical, tactical, psychological and physical factors over a period so that the optimal athletic performance can be
     achieved at the right moment.

Golf Swing Technique Lesson
Sport biomechanics

The Benefits from Sports Science

Sport science is an essential knowledge for all genders and ages to start golf activities. Golf beginners are advised to take proper lessons with qualified and experienced golf coach to learn the correct and strong foundation of the golf swing and game requirement. To be an elite, competitive golfer, specific training intensity and discipline are required to achieve high motor, perceptual, cognitive and all golf performance skills.

A good understanding of golf sport science will be a successful approach towards golf aspiration. Practice and play to within your physical, athletic and psychological capability for the fun, enjoyment, health and new friendships to come from your golf game outing.

Philip Ang
Asian Golf Centre
Certified & Licensed USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional - USA
Certified Professional Teacher and Trainer - University of Cambridge, UK
Singapore Sport Council - NCAP Level 1, 2 & 3
Singapore WDA-WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer & Assessor
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™) Practitioner - USA
Certified Professional Clubmaker by GCA (USA)
GCA Winner International Clubmaker of the Year - USA

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